A hub is what we call the participant area in Vito. It's where your attendees or community can gather to watch your live-stream or videos, read pages of content, check the agenda, contribute to the discussion, find other participants, and more.

You can create a hub for a one-off event, an ongoing meetup community, whatever you like!

Screenshot of a Vito hub

Sign in at http://vi.to/ and you'll land on the home view. Click on the blue Create a hub button, give your hub a title and click Next.

An empty hub will be created and you will land in the set-up guide, which will walk you through adding some key elements you might want in your hub:

Click on the buttons in the set-up guide, or on the items in the left-hand menu, to populate your hub. You can return to the set-up guide at any time in the top menu.

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