Looking for inspiration and best practice for how to lay out your hub? You’re in the right place. By default, we set the hub homepage to show “All posts”. This is a view showing posts across any page of your hub, and it looks like this:

Screenshot of a Vito hub with the discussion set as the homepage.

(We added a custom header image to spruce the page up a little).

This layout is perfect for when you want to create a hub, invite people, and start having conversations right away in a safe and private space. From there you can then build out your hub with pages, videos, live-streams and more as you go.

But perhaps you’re the type of person who likes to set everything up ahead of time and invite folks when you’re ready. In that case, you might want the first thing they see to be a welcome message and perhaps an overview of your hub, whether it’s for an event, a community, or something else.

In the below example we’ve created a custom homepage, comprising a branded banner image, a couple of text blocks (which can contain rich text like headings, bullet points and links), and a card icon list. You can give a card icon list any heading you like so you could use it for your team, event speakers, sponsors, or anything else you like. Here’s an example:

Screenshot of a Vito hub for a fictional podcast, with a custom homepage with a banner, welcome message and avatars of regular guests.

Vito gives you tools to configure your hub according to the needs of your event or community, which is why any page can be set as the hub homepage! Simply click on the Options dropdown in Admin mode, and then on Set as homepage.

Zoomed in screenshot of the Options menu with

So if your hub is centred around a live-stream, for example a conference, you can set the stream page as your homepage. That way, it’ll be the first thing people see when they access the hub. By default, the discussion feed will be displayed right alongside it (or underneath on mobile screens), so you can encourage participant interaction. Here’s what that can look like:

Screenshot of a Vito hub where the stream page has been set as the homepage.

With a few tweaks, these examples can cover a wide range of use cases, and you can get even more creative with the building blocks Vito hubs offer.

Why not try setting a different custom homepage for different stages of your hub? For instance, if your hub is for a conference, you could display a custom page with links to useful resources ahead of time. On the day of the event, you could switch the homepage to the live-stream. And then after the conference ends, you could upload all the videos and make the video gallery the homepage so that your participants can easily re-watch sessions or catch up on any they missed.

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