Vito uses Mux behind the scenes to serve video to the hub. Mux automatically keeps a copy of live-streams, and Vito stores this in the media library ready for you to add to the hub.

You can add videos in two places. The first is in the Videos section, which displays your videos in a gallery view. Head to Videos, click on Add video (you can optionally create a collection to separate videos out into groups), and you’ll see the live-stream file there ready for selection. All that remains is to add a title and publish.

Screen recording showing the steps outlined above to add a video to the gallery section.

The other place you can attach the live-stream video is directly to the session in the Schedule. Click on the three dots menu next to the session item and select Add video. You’ll see the available videos including any live-streams (which may be missing a title unless you’ve set one), and you can attach them to the session in one click to play on demand. Just remember to publish changes in the top menu.

Screen recording showing the steps above for how to attach a video file to a schedule session in action.

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