Vito uses Mux behind the scenes to serve video to the hub. Mux captures a copy of livestreams, which Vito stores in the hub automatically.

After you finish streaming, click on the Watch icon in the explore bar (this looks like a television and appears at the top on desktop or at the bottom on mobile) to see your stream video appear. For now, it is set to be visible by collaborators only.

To change this, first, ensure Editing mode is enabled in the admin bar at the top. Next, click on the visibility label in the top-left of the video and this will open up the visibility settings. You can change this from Collaborators to Participants if you want to enable your signed-in users to view the stream on demand.

Modal to edit a video's visibility settings

Finally, save and publish.

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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