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I can't find my invitation email
I can't find my invitation email

Instructions for retrieving the email with your access link

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Check your inbox

The invitation will have come from a unique email address ending in, with the subject line starting "You’ve been given access to".

Here's how to use search operators, like from and subject, in:

💡 Tip: please also check in case it landed in your spam or promotions folders.

In most cases, the email can be found by following these steps. If you still can't see it, it may either be that you've been invited using a different email address, or your company or email provider is blocking the email from coming through.

Sign in to Vito

Another method of retrieving your invitation is to log in at: with the same email address used to send the invite. If you have a valid invite to accept, it will be displayed at the top of the screen, like this:

Your hub invitations, displayed on the signed-in homepage

💡 Tip: this method relies on you being able to receive the magic link email to sign in. If your email provider is blocking all Vito's emails, this won't be possible, so we ask you to contact us at and we'll try to help.

Contact the organizer

The next step is to email the organizer to double-check that they have sent the invitation and that they've used the correct email address. It may be that the invitation is no longer valid, or there is some other issue on their end.

Otherwise, you can also email us at and we can help troubleshoot.

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