As you navigate our Getting Started guide, you'll notice that there are some basic actions you can take during the free trial, while our more advanced features require you to subscribe to a paid plan.

This article provides an overview of what you can do in Vito and how much it costs.

What can you do for free?

A credit card is not required to join Vito as an organizer, and we allow you to perform the following actions while in free trial mode:

  • Create unlimited hubs

  • Add basic branding (e.g. logo and banner)

  • Post to the discussion feed

  • Set up events and session itineraries

  • Create and edit custom pages and content

For now, there's no time limit for how long you can use these features in Vito, so feel free to set up hubs and have a play around. When you want to start using Vito for your event or community, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

What do you need to pay for?

The following features require you sign up to a paid subscription (see below):

  • Upload videos

  • Run livestreams

  • Invite collaborators

  • Invite participants

  • Set up public registration

On top of a subscription to access these features, if you sell hub access via Vito's Stripe integration, these transactions will be charged at 3% in addition to the Stripe fee (which ranges from 1.4% to 2.9% plus ~$0.29). This is the same as how registration works on Tito, our ticketing software.

How much does a Vito subscription cost?

While Vito is pre-launch, we have three subscription plans, charged in your local currency (EUR, GBP and USD currently supported) and with the option of a monthly or discounted yearly payment:

Screenshot of subscription plans with each one's cost and what it includes

Each plan includes unlimited hubs and access to all features, plus:

  • Personal (€10/£9/$12 monthly / €100/£90/$120 yearly)

    • 1 collaborator

    • 50 participants

    • 12 hours of video

    • 5GB of file storage

  • Business (€100/£100/$100 monthly / €1,000/£1,000/$1,000 yearly)

    • 10 collaborators

    • 200 participants

    • 120 hours of video

    • 50GB of file storage

  • Business Plus (€250/£210/$280 monthly / €2,500/£2,100/$2,800 yearly)

    • 100 collaborators

    • 500 participants

    • 360 hours of video

    • 150GB of file storage

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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