How do I stream to Vito?

How to run a livestream inside your Vito hub

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To stream to Vito, you first need create a livestream channel. This can be done from several places:

  • The dropdown menu next to your hub name. Click on the πŸ”½ (down-pointing triangle) and then on Create livestream channel.

  • From the shortcut on the overview page.

  • From within an attachment on a post.

  • From within a custom block added to any page.

You will also need to either use:

  • Our stream studio (read more below). This is best for simple streams with one or more presenters speaking on camera.

  • A piece of livestreaming software that supports RTMP. This is best for streams involving pre-recorded media and that require lots of flexibility in presentation, such as transitions and overlays. A popular, free option is OBS Studio (see our tutorial).

Livestream channel overview

Whichever method to select from above, you'll be prompted to click to Create a new livestream channel.

Set an optional title for your livestream, choose whether you need low latency mode (best suited to streams involving real-time audience interaction), and set the visibility settings.

When you save, your livestream channel will be created and you can click through to the livestream channel page, with the following elements:

  • The top bar shows your channel name and a link to launch Stream Studio (jump to this section). There's also an icon showing how many participants are online, and a shortcut to collapse the discussion pane. Next to this is a kebab menu (⁝) with a dropdown menu containing more options.

  • Underneath this is the channel overview showing:

    • Video player status (set to hidden if you wish to preview your stream without broadcasting it to participants)

    • Stream status

    • Connection status

  • Beneath this is the video player section (empty when there's no stream running)

  • At the bottom is the publishing status and button

  • To the right is the discussion pane

πŸ’‘ Tip: Be sure to publish the livestream channel page and ensure you've set the right visibility before broadcasting.

Edit your livestream channel

You can customize your livestream channel at any time. From the kebab menu (⁝) dropdown, click on Edit livestream. You can:

  • Set a custom placeholder image

  • Change the livestream title

  • Add a URL for live captions

  • Enable low latency mode

Run your livestream

As mentioned above, there are two options for running a stream: use Vito's Stream Studio (read on) or use livestreaming software that supports RTMP, like OBS (see this separate tutorial).

  • From your livestream channel page, click Launch Stream Studio (opens in a new tab).

  • Click Enter studio.

  • Vito will detect your camera and mic. You can change these using the dropdown menus. You will see a preview and be able mute your mic or turn off your camera.

  • When you're ready, click Join the stream.

  • Other collaborators can join in the same way.

  • When you wish to go live, click Start broadcast.

  • Click the View broadcast shortcut any time to open the livestream channel page in a new tab (bear in mind it'll be a few moments behind due to latency).

  • See options at the bottom for turning your mic, camera or screensharing on or off, inviting participants, and leaving the studio.

  • Click Stop broadcast when you're ready to end the stream. The label at the top will switch to Offline.

A copy of your stream file will be saved to the media gallery automatically and added to the Videos page in the sidebar. By default it's saved as a draft, visible only to collaborators unless you publish it.

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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