To display a live-stream inside your Vito hub, you need to use a piece of live-streaming software that supports RTMP. A popular free option is OBS Studio (see our tutorial).

To set up a live-stream in Vito, first head to your hub and click on the tools icon next to the hub name to show the Admin toolbar.

Zoomed in screenshot of the Vito hub with the toolbar icon selected.

Once in the Admin view, there are a couple of places to add a live-stream page. You can either click the button in the set-up guide or click the link in the left-hand menu. Both options are outlined in the image below.

Screenshot of Vito hub with options circled for adding a live-stream.

Either action will cause a live-stream page to be created inside your hub. Click on it and you'll see the default video placeholder image where the media player will be (this can be changed Backstage), and the live-streaming details underneath.

Here's what it looks like:

Please note that you shouldn't share your stream key publicly as this would allow people to be able to stream to your hub. If you're worried that someone may have access, you can regenerate the stream key. You would then need to re-connect your live-streaming software to your hub.

Head over to your live-streaming software of choice and enter the Stream URL and Stream Key. You can see an example of this in our OBS Studio tutorial. When you're ready, hit the button inside your streaming software to start streaming and then head back to your Vito hub.

Vito's status bar under the placeholder image will keep you informed of the status of the stream:

  • Idle: no connection has been established between Vito and your streaming software. If this doesn't change after you start streaming, double-check you're using the right Stream Key.

  • Buffering: a connection has been established and the stream is about to be pulled in to the hub. There is usually a delay of up to 20 seconds before you see the stream appear. This is known as latency.

  • Preview: the stream is now playing in the hub, but only you and other collaborators can see it. Click the green button to show the video player.

  • Broadcasting live: all participants in your hub can see the live-stream.

  • Disconnected: Vito is disconnected from your streaming software. This usually means you've clicked to end the stream inside your streaming software, but occasionally it can happen unintentionally, for instance if your streaming software loses connection to the internet.

Be sure to end the broadcast from your streaming software when you've finished. A copy of your stream file will be saved to the media gallery automatically, and you can attach it to a schedule session or add it to the video gallery for participants to catch up on demand.

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