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What do the different visibility settings mean?
What do the different visibility settings mean?

Understanding who can view and access content in your hub

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Vito hubs contain pages, which are made up of blocks. Each page and block can have a different visibility setting so you can control who sees the content out of:

  • Just Collaborators β€” the hub owner and the admin team. Use this option for internal notes or for draft content you don't want to publish just yet.

  • Visitors* β€” this means people who are not signed in to your hub; in other words, the general public. Use this option for general or promotional information about your hub, for instance to encourage people to join.

  • Participants* β€” this means people who have accepted an invitation to your hub or who have signed up via your public page.

* With each of these options, Collaborators will still be able to see everything.

You'll see each page and block has a field to select who can see the content:

Same as hub refers to whether or not you have enabled a public page for your hub.

Enabling a public page makes your hub discoverable when the link is shared, and allows for the possibility of making other pages in the hub accessible to the general public.

By default, enabling a public page also makes new events visible publicly, but all other pages, discussions, videos and livestreams will remain visible to Participants only (i.e. hidden from Visitors) unless you choose a different setting.

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