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How do I add images to my page?
How do I add images to my page?

Drag and drop to insert an image into a custom page in your hub

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There are a few ways to add an image to a page in Vito.

Edit the cover image on the default homepage

The default hub homepage has a widget block at the top, which includes a cover image. Click Edit banner image to upload a custom banner.

Add a cover image to a custom page

You can also add a cover image to any pages you create. You'll find this option under the kebab menu (⁝) in the top-right of the page:

Add cover image option in drop-down under page kebab menu

When added, this image will fill the page width, meaning it could display at different ratios on different screen sizes. For this reason we don't recommend including text in your image, as it might not always show:

Example cover image on a page in the hub

πŸ’‘ Tip: events and session pages do not currently support cover images.

Insert an image block

Additionally, you can insert an image block anywhere on a custom page from the + Add to this page link:

Image block option in drop-down under "Add to this page" link

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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