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How do I send messages and reminders to participants?
How do I send messages and reminders to participants?

Send email announcements to participants from within your hub

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Collaborators have the option of sending a post as an Announcement, which means all participants will receive an in-hub notification and an email to their inbox and the post will be displayed on the hub homepage (unless you replace it with a custom one).

To turn a regular post into an announcement, click on the Bullhorn (loudspeaker) icon and you'll see a message showing that this will be sent as an announcement:

Screenshot highlighting the option to send as announcement

Hit Post and you will be shown a browser alert to confirm or cancel this action:

Confirmation alert to send the announcement

Once you hit OK, the message will appear in the discussion feed and on the homepage (unless you've set a custom one), and participants will be notified in-hub and via email:

Example of an announcement email received by the participant

πŸ’‘ Tip: You can include rich media in your post like in the example above.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Participants can unsubscribe from announcement emails. We still recommend limiting use of this feature only for sending the most important updates.

Announcement posts will also appear on the default hub homepage unless you've replaced it with a custom homepage:

Default hub homepage

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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