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How do I attach rich media to posts?
How do I attach rich media to posts?

Attach images, videos, events, livestreams and cards to your posts

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You can easily add rich content such as videos, events, livestreams and cards to your hub by attaching it to one of your posts in the discussion feed. Your content will automatically be added to the library for use elsewhere in your hub.

Alternatively, you can upload content to your library first and then attach it to a post. This help article will cover both approaches.

Create rich content from within a post

Write a post to introduce your content and then click on one of the rich media icons underneath to open the upload modal:

Rich media icons under message field

The options (in order) are:

πŸ’‘ Tip: Hub participants see a simplified version showing just the image icon.

Each option will open a dedicated modal. If it's a video, image or card, you can drag and drop (or click) to import your content. Each content type will also prompt you to fill in a few relevant fields:

Create a new event modal

πŸ’‘ Tip: See this article for information about visibility settings.

Upon saving, the piece of content will be attached to your message and you can proceed to post. Each type of content (except for images) will also be saved to your library for adding to blocks on different pages in your hub. See this article for creating and editing pages.

Browse for content to attach to your post

If you have already created some content, such as an event, livestream, card or video, you can choose this from the library to attach to your post:

Screenshot of the select events modal

Hit Done and then continue to Post your message, and you'll see the content in-line in the discussion feed:

Screenshot of a post with an event attached

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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