Vito has a number of preset page types, such as a live-stream, list of participants, and All Posts page. But it also has lightweight CMS features built in, allowing you to add custom pages to your hub and provide extra context for your community or event.

Components of a page

The Pages feature is built around simple building blocks:

  1. Title and custom icon: the icon can be an SVG or an emoji

  2. Optional header image: add personality and branding

  3. Rich text blocks: supports links and formatting (see more below)

  4. Card icon list: display speaker avatars, sponsor logos, and more

Zoomed in screenshot of a custom page with a title, header image, rich text block and card icon list.

Select the text you wish to format, and a floating formatting menu will appear above it (markdown also works for everything except adding links). You can set headings, make text bold or italic, add hyperlinks, bullets, and code formatting. You can also drag and drop an image into a rich text block.

If you like, you can also enable the discussion on any individual page. You'll find the setting under the Options menu:

Zoomed in screenshot of Options menu with Enable discussion setting outlined.

Example use cases

You can create a page for whatever you like, but here are some examples:

  • Create a welcome message (optionally, set it as your homepage)

  • Display your event speakers

  • Display your community sponsors and supporters

  • Provide show notes and links

  • Create pages for individual discussion topics (be sure to enable the discussion)

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