Vito is currently a broadcast rather than video conferencing platform. This means that as a collaborator you can upload pre-recorded videos and share a live-stream*, but participants can't activate their own cameras and call in via Vito.

*A live-stream can contain a video call — see more below.

How do participants communicate with each other?

Vito's discussion feature is text-based and allows participants to interact with your content in real-time. Mentions, replies and favourites are live now, and support for richer interaction is planned in the future.

All discussions are currently public, giving you oversight as an organizer of everything happening in your hub. If you want to create spaces for conversation around specific topics, for instance a Q&A, you can create a new page and enable the discussion.

How can I live-stream a video call?

Vito can be paired with any live-streaming software that supports RTMP. A popular free and easy-to-use option is OBS Studio (see our tutorial).

Whatever you can have on your screen can therefore be shared on a stream, including a video call. You can even stream a Zoom call directly to a Vito hub.

Vito provides a private space to display your stream alongside a schedule, custom pages, directory of participants, details about your speakers and sponsors, discussion threads, Code of Conduct and more.

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