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How does the discussion feed work?
How does the discussion feed work?

Understanding Vito's features when posting to a hub

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By default, each hub has a feed where collaborators and participants can post messages visible to everyone in the hub. Find it by clicking on the Posts (speech bubbles) icon in the explore bar:

Discussion feed in Vito

General overview of discussion feed

  • Individual posts are capped to 350 characters

  • Participants can attach images to posts

  • Links are supported in posts

  • Any participant set to visible can be @mentioned in a post

  • Replies under a post will become a threaded conversation

  • Participants can anonymously star (favorite) each other's posts

  • Participants can anonymously report someone else's post (which will be sent to collaborators as a Code of Conduct violation report)

Collaborator-only discussion features

πŸ’‘ Tip: collaborators can also start writing a post by clicking on the plus icon in the admin bar and selecting Write a post:

Write a post in the drop-down under the plus icon

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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