Cards is a powerful feature in Vito that allows you to create custom lists of items and display them on pages in your hub.

Card types

We have three template Card types to get you started: Presenters, Sponsors and Offers. You can rename these to something custom if you like (instructions below).

To use these templates, open the Setup Guide and click to create a presenters section and/or sponsor section. If you enable the sponsors section, you'll also get an option to create an offers section. These pages will appear in the left-hand menu automatically.

Screenshot of Vito set-up guide, with options to create a presenters and sponsors section outlined in red.

Click on one of the new pages you've created, and you'll see the option to add a new individual presenter, sponsor or offer (depending on which page you selected). Clicking on this will open the Cards form for you to populate. Save when you're done, or save and add another, and return to the page to see your new card. Here's what the process looks like:

You can set a card to draft if you're not ready to display it in the hub yet.

Cards on pages

The presenter, offer and sponsor pages look something like this when you've added your cards:

Screenshot of a Vito hub displaying cards for different team members.

This page uses the "presenters" card type, but has been renamed to say "team members". You can rename a page by clicking on the title in editor mode, replacing the text with something else and then hitting publish.

You can also include an icon list of any card type on any page, which looks like this:

Simply open the page while in editor mode, and click to ➕ Add card icon list. By default, the icons for all cards will be displayed but you can click on the three dots menu to the left of the block to edit, and then filter by a specific card type. You can also add a custom heading.

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