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Cards is a powerful feature in Vito that allows you to create custom lists of items and display and re-use them around your hub. Use Cards for speakers, sponsors, offers, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Example block of cards showing Tito's core team members

There are a few different ways to create cards. To follow any of the methods below, first ensure Editing is switched on:

Editing toggled to "on" in top menu

Create a card via the plus icon

In the top-right of the screen on desktop (or top-left on mobile) you'll see a purple Plus icon. Clicking on that will open a menu showing different types of content you can add to your hub. Choose Create a card to get started:

Create a card option under plus icon

Create a card from a custom page

You can insert an existing card into any page in the hub, or upload one from scratch.

Next, navigate to the page where you want to embed the video. Click + Add to this page and select Card from the drop-down:

Card block option in drop-down under "Add to this page" link

You'll be prompted to either Choose from cards you've already added to your library, or else Create a new card following the instructions on-screen. You can also filter by Card type to quickly populate a block with cards of a specific kind.

Edit cards block on a page

Clicking on the kebab menu (⁝) in the top-right of the block will open up a menu allowing you to choose which cards to display:

Dropdown menu under the 3-dots menu in the card block

Clicking on Edit will open up a modal to edit the entire block, including setting a title, e.g. "Meet the speakers", a toggle to show or hide card descriptions, and a colour picker to set the card background and text colors:

Edit cards block modal showing title field, toggle to show card descriptions, and a text and background colour picker with contrast accessibility feedback

Create a card from a post

See this article for attaching rich media, including cards, to posts in the discussion feed.

Setting custom fields on card types

Whichever method you choose to create your card, you can now give it a title and optional description, and drag in a custom icon for it (otherwise a plain one will be generated). You can also edit the visibility settings. Upon saving, the card will be added to your library, ready to use around your hub.

At this point you can set a Card type, e.g. "Speaker". You will be able to add custom fields to specific card types, so you can re-use them for future cards.

By default, all cards have:

  • A name

  • A description

  • An icon

But you can also add custom fields to card types:

  • Short text — best for brief information like a job title or Twitter handle

  • Long text — best for longer descriptions

  • URL — link out to a website

  • Another card — connect one card to another (e.g. an offer to a sponsor)

  • Participation — connect the card to a participant who has joined the hub

To set this up, click on Manage in the top menu and then on Card types. Select the type of card you want to edit and click Edit.

Add as many custom fields as you like, giving each one a label, e.g. "Job title", and selecting what type of field best fits this information, e.g. "Short text":

Edit card type modal showing the options for adding new fields

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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