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How do I change my hub's default time zone?
How do I change my hub's default time zone?

How to set your time zone in Vito

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Participants can set their own time zones to view event and session details in their local time. However, you can also set a default time zone, which is useful for when you're populating the schedule.

To do this, open the admin pane and click on the Settings tab, then scroll down to Date & times and click Edit:


Settings to edit date and times showing three fields: start date, end date and time zone.,

As you can see, it's also possible to set a start and end date and time for your entire hub, which can be useful if you're using the hub for a single short event or if you want Vito to automatically send a reminder email to all participants 30 minutes before the hub is due to start.

You can also send reminders using our Announcement feature, and create multiple events and sessions within the hub, so feel free to leave these fields blank if you prefer.

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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