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How do I access the admin pane?
How do I access the admin pane?

How to find your hub settings

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Many functions of Vito can be performed in-hub, but some actions can currently only be achieved via the admin area.

Access the admin pane on desktop

Click on the Manage drop-down in the dark admin bar at the top of the screen and then on Hub admin…:

Hub admin option under manage dropdown

This will open up the admin pane for your hub:

Admin pane for hub, showing tabs for overview, content, access and settings

Access the admin pane on mobile

Click on the cog icon in the top-left of your hub to expand the sidebar, and then click on Hub admin.

Actions taken from the admin pane

The admin pane is divided into four sections, accessible via tabs at the top of the screen. The following list explains what you can do in each section and sub-section:

  • Overview: shows you the number of participants and posts.

  • Content:

    • Videos: add captions and request downloads.

    • Discarded posts: view discussion posts that have been hidden by the participant or a collaborator.

  • Access:

    • Collaborators: view and invite hub collaborators (admins).

    • Participants: view and filter hub participants by access status and source.

    • Free passes: view and issue 100% discount codes (if using public registration).

    • CoC violation reports: view details of code of conduction violations. You will also be notified by email.

  • Settings:

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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