Vito’s in-built checkout is powered by Stripe, so you can sell access and let participants into your hub right away. If you're using Tito or another platform for registration, you can import everyone into your hub whenever you're ready and Vito will instantly send each person a unique access link.

Set expectations

If participants will be registering using a different platform, it's a good idea to let them know how and when they will receive access to the hub. If you're using Tito, we suggest setting a custom message on the ticket, which looks like this:

Zoomed in screenshot of a custom message on the order confirmation screen in Tito.

Here are the details you might want to include:

  • When participants will receive their access links. We suggest this happens at least a few days before your event (see more below).

  • How to identify the email, i.e. the subject line will be "You've been given access to [Hub Name]".

  • Who to contact if they need help.

This custom message will be displayed in four places: 1) on the confirmation screen when they register in Tito, 2) at their Tito ticket link, 3) on their Tito PDF ticket, and 4) in their Tito confirmation email.

When to issue access links

It's a good idea to add participants to the hub a bit ahead of when your event or live-stream actually begins, to give them time to access the hub and look around. We recommend at least a few days. You can also add a welcome message and some pre-recorded videos to the hub so that there's something for people to look at.

How to add participants

See our help documentation on manually adding participants individually or in bulk and how to customize the text in the invite email.


You can resend someone's invite email by heading Backstage, clicking on the Access dropdown, then on Participants, and finally on the individual participant. You'll see a button to resend the email.

Alternatively, if you have enabled the public page for your hub, you can direct folks to (be sure to replace "example" with your hub's slug) and they can request a new link themselves.

For any other issues, email us at or send us a message in-app and we'll be happy to help.

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