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Using Vito's built-in checkout to sell access
Using Vito's built-in checkout to sell access

Vito's checkout is powered by Stripe, allowing you to sell instant access

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Vito's Stripe integration is a great option if you want to keep things simple and sell hub access for a single price. These transactions will be charged at 3% in addition to the Stripe fee (which ranges from 1.4% to 2.9% plus ~$0.29). This is the same as how registration works on Tito, our ticketing software.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you're looking for more advanced features like ticket types, custom checkout questions, or support for multiple payment methods, try using Vito with Tito, our dedicated ticketing software. We have a beta webhooks integration, or you can add/import participants manually.

Connect to Stripe

In order to sell hub access via Stripe, the hub owner will first need to connect their Vito profile to Stripe. Head to and scroll down to the Stripe section and click on Connect. This will open up Stripe's authentication site in a new tab:

Stripe's authentication website

Complete the steps on-screen to connect to Stripe, and then return to Vito.

Enable the public page

By default, hubs are private (i.e. not discoverable, even if someone has the link) and set to invitation-only. So you'll need to enable the public page by clicking on Manage at the top of the hub, and then on the first option under the Access heading, which should currently say Private home page. This will open a modal which will prompt you to Create a public homepage:

πŸ’‘ Tip: there will now be a logged-in version of your homepage, which is visible to participants, and a logged-out version visible to visitors. You can toggle between the two under the Viewing as drop-down in the top menu. See this article for more information on the different visibility settings.

The "Viewing as" dropdown, allowing you to preview the hub as a collaborator, participant or visitor.

You can customize this public page in much the same way as any other page in the hub, by adding blocks.

Enable public registration

Now head back to Manage at the top of the hub, and this time click on the second option under the Access menu, which should currently say Invitation only. This will open up a modal with a toggle to Enable public registration. Once you switch this on, you'll see fields to set the currency, price and tax.

πŸ’‘ Tip: leave these fields blank to enable free registration.

Share your public page link

Now, if you share the link to your hub (something like with someone who isn't a logged-in participant, they'll be taken to the public page for the hub. From there, they can buy instant access, or join for free if no price has been set. There is also a link to resend your invite if the user has lost it:

Public homepage for a demo hub

Buying access

Participants will get redirected from your public page to Stripe Checkout where they can enter their contact and payment details. They'll then be shown a confirmation message to check their email for an access link to the hub.

View your orders

As people register via your public page, their orders will be saved in the admin pane. See this article for how to view participants and orders and filter by source.

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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