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Connecting Vito to Tito webhooks
Connecting Vito to Tito webhooks

Integrate Tito's registration platform with your Vito hub to send invite emails with access links automatically

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This feature is currently in beta.

Vito offers simple registration through its Stripe-powered checkout, but for more complex setups you may prefer to use Tito's dedicated registration platform.

This process can either be manual or automatic, and this help article explains the automatic method, which utilizes Tito's webhooks.

How the integration works

Once you connect Tito and Vito, whenever someone places an order in Tito, they will be sent an automatic invitation link to access your Vito hub. The way it works is that Vito listens out for an endpoint that is triggered whenever someone completes a ticket in Tito.

💡 Tip: as the integration sends out immediate access links to participants, make sure you're happy with the hub setup first.

Set up the integration

Head to the Settings tab in the admin pane, scroll down to Integrations and click Manage. The instructions are laid out on-screen and consist of:

  • Adding a custom link to your Tito event under Settings > Webhook endpoints and checking the ticket.completed trigger checkbox.

  • Copying across your security token from Tito to Vito to complete a secure connection.

  • Optionally specifying which ticket types to filter.

  • Placing a test order with your email address and checking the connection is working in Vito.

Limitations of the integration

This is a beta feature at the moment and, as such, is subject to some limitations. If any of the following points are a concern, you may prefer to import participants manually instead:

Duplicate email addresses

With Tito, it’s possible to buy more than one ticket and assign them to the same email address. If that happens, it will result in only one hub invitation email being sent. After the first invitation, subsequent webhooks will be marked as duplicates.

Reassigned tickets

If a ticket is reassigned to someone else on Tito, the original invitation on Vito is not withdrawn, meaning both people would end up with an invitation. You can however manually restrict or ban hub members within Vito.

Voided tickets

If a ticket is voided or cancelled on Tito, the invitation on Vito is not withdrawn.

Test tickets

Webhooks are sent to Vito whether the Tito event is in test mode or not. If someone registers a test ticket they will be sent a real invite from Vito.

View your participants

As people register via Tito webhooks, they will be added as a participant the admin pane. See this article for how to view participants and orders and filter by source.

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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