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How do I view hub participants and orders?
How do I view hub participants and orders?

Search for and filter the list of participants and view order details

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As people register via your public page, their orders will be saved in the admin pane. Click on the Access tab and then on Participants in the drop-down:

Participant view with "has access" filter applied

You can search by name, email, username or order reference, and filter by access.

πŸ’‘ Tip: by default, your list will be filtered to show only participants who have access β€” that is to say they have made it all the way into your hub at least once before (either after accepting a manual invitation, or after placing an order and clicking the link in their confirmation email).

Click on β–Ύ Advanced to reveal more granular filters, including source:

Advanced filters in participant view

Here's what each of the options mean:

  • Has access

    • Participant: has completed onboarding and visited your hub.

    • Restricted participant: has completed onboarding and visited your hub but has been restricted by a collaborator, so cannot post messages .

  • Access pending

    • Access email sending: temporary state while Vito attempts to deliver the access email.

    • Access email delivered: the access email has been delivered to the email address but the recipient has not yet clicked on the link.

    • Access email bounced: Vito was not able to deliver the access email.

    • Onboarding: the recipient has clicked on the link in the access email and is in the process of onboarding (i.e. agreeing to the code of conduct, etc.)

  • No access

    • Left hub: participant has opted to leave the hub.

    • Banned: participant has been banned by a collaborator, so cannot access the hub.

    • Invitation expired: has failed to accept the invitation in time.

    • Invitation withdrawn: has had their invitation revoked by a collaborator.

  • Source

Some options under Source will only appear if there are records to show. The number next to each option indicates how many people it applies to. Hit the green Go button to apply the filter.

πŸ’‘ Tip: there is an indicator at the top of the participants list to show whether you have a filter applied. Click βœ– Clear filter to remove the filter and display all records.

Export participants and orders

Click the Download CSV button to export all participant records:

Download CSV button in participants view

The export includes the following columns:

  • Email

  • Username

  • Name

  • Salutation (used in the invitation email, e.g. Hi "Mary")

  • Pronouns (set by the user in their profile)

  • Code of conduct (date and time accepted)

  • Privacy (set by the user in their profile)

  • Added (date and time they joined the hub)

  • Status (always "member")

  • Source (whether they were imported, invited or paid)

  • Subtotal (access price)

  • Tax (if applicable)

  • Total paid

  • Currency

Questions? Search our documentation, email or chat to us in-app.

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